Hünnebeck Manto, Rasto, Topec, Tekko – wall and floor formwork

Manto is a giant formwork which is used particularly for large-scale projects in housing and industrial construction. It is able to realize large area elements up to 40sqm. Simple, fast and economical encase and strike is possible with Manto.

Rasto is a formwork for medium-sized and small buildings. It is a crane-independent system consisting of handy panels which can be comfortably shifted by two men. The Rasto frame material is of hot-dip galvanised steel and the hard-wearing plywood permits a concrete pressure of 60 kN/sqm.

Topec is a slab formwork which has only two units as basement – prop and panel without any beams. The panels are made of aluminium and are powder coated. Because of the giant Topec panels of 180×180 cm a slab of 3.24sqm can be formed at once.